Trench Repair and Utility Cut

Trench Repair and Utility Cut

Need A Trench Repair and Utility Cut Service In San Mateo Bay Area, CA?

Trench Repair and Utility Cut
Utility cuts and trench repairs are needed when an underground pipe or cable needs to be repaired or a sewer line needs to be installed. The asphalt pavement surface needs to be cut, resulting in damage to the pavement’s structural integrity.

Infrared asphalt repair uses infrared to heat the asphalt, softening the pavement, making it easier, faster, and more efficient to perform trench repairs.

Benefits of Using Infrared for Trench Repair

Infrared technology eliminates saw cuts, which previously resulted in the introduction of moisture, rain, and thawing that damaged the foundation of the pavement.

These patches would have to be redone every year. With fewer new materials and personnel used when repatching the cut asphalt, the overall operational costs are reduced for each trench repair. As the project is easy to set up, workers can start working on the utilities immediately, cutting labor costs.

Infrared utility cut is an effective method in cutting holes, providing a solid workplace for trench repair, and providing a solid, leak-proof seal when patched. Preventing water and moisture that leads to potholes, cracks, and erosion Due to the lack of excavation, no underground systems are disrupted, meaning construction workers can immediately work on the repairs immediately.

Environmentally Friendly
Infrared Asphalt Repairs reuses existing asphalt material that was cut for the repair, reducing the amount of disposed of asphalt sent to landfills by 90%.
As repairing doesn’t use jack-hammering, saws, or loud construction equipment, there is no noise pollution making it easy on the ears for passersby. As these are fast and efficient operations, less machinery and trucks are used resulting in less fuel burnt during the repair process.

Seamless Repairs
The Infrared utility cut takes around 20 minutes to cut and patch, compared to conventional methods that take over an hour. As trench repairs vary in time, the asphalt pavement repair can be sealed quickly allowing traffic to be re-opened immediately.

The Trench Repair & Utility Cut Process
1. Materials needed for trench repair are delivered and ready to be used.
2. The designated area is marked out to be cut.
3. Cleaning the area, sweeping away gravel, dirt, rocks, weeds, and trash.
4. Position the infrared heating over the pothole, heating up the asphalt to 350 degrees.
5. Remove the area to begin repairs.
6. The removed asphalt patch is remixed and compacted back on the pavement, ready for traffic within 10 minutes of patching.

Asphalt Paving San Mateo provides paved asphalt trench repair and utility cut solutions to connect, repair, or maintain underground utilities. Patching and repairing with the minimal hassle that caters to any budget — designed to be efficient and fast with our industrial-grade machinery and many years of professional contractors. Have all your asphalt trench repair and utility cut needs met, through Asphalt Paving San Mateo County today.


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