Pothole Repair and Crack Sealing

Pothole Repair and Crack Sealing

We Offer Pothole Repair and Crack Sealing Services in San Mateo, Bay Area!

Repairing cracks and potholes are the most cost-effective way of extending the life of your asphalt pavements. As erosion and traffic continue to wear down the asphalt, it makes it more dangerous for drivers and pedestrians to maneuver around them. Uneven surfaces make it uncomfortable to drive and large potholes can make a car go off course, leading to a collision.

Water seeps down between the cracks and erodes the foundation of the pavement. Cold weather conditions freeze trapped water in these cracks, leading it to expand on the pavement. Neglected cracks and potholes hasten the time for the pavement to fail, resulting in a full asphalt replacement.

Crack Sealing
Crack sealing is repairing small cracks in the pavement before becoming larger. It is a routine pavement maintenance service used to protect your asphalt from sun, water, snow, UV Rays, motor oil, and gasoline.

Beginning with a thorough cleaning of the pavement, the asphalt is trimmed and edged to make it easier to apply the coating. The sealant coating is applied using a spray or a squeegee attached to a truck and takes up to a day to dry up to make it safe to drive up.

Pothole Repair
Pothole repair is needed when cracks have been ignored and have expanded, resulting in the pavement beginning to collapse. Depending on the weather, different types of asphalt mixes can help provide temporary patching to further reduce the damage. Cold Mix Asphalt is the perfect solution for winter that does not need any heating to become flexible.

With the additional additives, the asphalt mix stays soft for over six months, allowing it to be stored and used all year long. Warm and Hot Mix Asphalt is heating a mixture of gravel, sand, and asphalt cement that is laid on the potholes and cracks. The mix is cooled quickly making it perfect for quick installation.

Benefits of Pothole Repair and Crack Sealing

Extending the Lifespan of your Asphalt.
Crack sealing has been proven to slow down the rate of cracks and splits in the asphalt, where only 1% of cracks that have been sealed will form into potholes within 3 years. Sealant prevents oxidation against UV rays, harsh weather conditions that causes erosion, and water penetration that leads to larger fissure cracks.

Improves the Overall Appearance
An enhanced deep, rich, and black-finish pavement provides the impression of a well-maintained company, making it a more appealing and welcoming environment to potential customers before they step inside your building. Sealants can help hide small cracks, rough spots, and patched.

Saves Repair Costs
75% of cracks in asphalt pavement form into potholes within 3 years if they are not sealed. These cracks and potholes may cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Making sure you perform routine checkups and maintenance for your pavement on your residential driveway or commercial parking lot will help prevent further damage to your pavement.

Asphalt Paving San Mateo provides paved asphalt pothole repair and crack sealing solutions for all commercial and residential parking lots. Cold, Warm, Hot Asphalt Mix, and Sealants installed with the minimal hassle that caters to any budget — designed to last with our industrial-grade machinery and many years of professional contractors. Have all your asphalt pothole repair and crack sealing needs met, through Asphalt Paving San Mateo County today.

We Offer Pothole Repair and Crack Sealing Contractor in San Mateo, Bay Area!


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