Asphalt Striping

Asphalt Striping

We Offer Asphalt Striping Services in Bay Area

Asphalt striping is essential for parking lot maintenance providing directions for how intended traffic is supposed to flow. Handicapped spaces, pedestrian crosswalks, stop signs, speed limits, fire lanes, and loading zones help maintain the safety of all vehicles and pedestrians.

Business owners who own commercial property have a responsibility to maintain the safety of your parking lot. It is essential to ensure it is properly striped to prevent accidents and increase your curb appeal. Here’s why you should look into striping or re-striping your parking lot.

As a commercial property owner, you’re responsible for the safety of drivers and pedestrians in your parking lot. Poor parking lot conditions and faded line striping can hold you liable for property damages that cause pedestrian injury or vehicle damage. Paying for medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma, and lost earning capacity.

Vibrant and well-designed parking systems are the first thing customers see, providing an attractive overall impression of your property, setting your business apart from your competitors. They make it easier for visitors and employees to see, make your parking lot a safer driving environment.

Improve Parking Experience
Clearly designated areas and a good design layout will maximize parking spaces, accommodating vehicles of all sizes. Reducing the chances of cars having door dings due to drivers parking too close to each other or unable to see the line striping.

The US has strict rules, guidelines, and regulations for parking lot stripes. The American Disabilities Act states that you must have a certain number of accessible parking spaces for wider spaces for vans and handicapped residents or customers. Fire code requires you to have a designated fire lane in case of emergencies. Failure to do so will result in hefty fines on your business.

How To Prepare For A Restripe

1. Inspect For Damage Before beginning any asphalt striping, you’ll need to fill existing cracks or potholes on your asphalt. Filling holes is important because it helps keeps your lines straight and prevent small repairs. As cracks and potholes can split further and spread to the rest of your parking lot, it is essential to get them fixed immediately.

2. Arrange Another Parking Space As the paint takes at least a day to dry, you’ll need to arrange alternate parking areas for your employees, clients, tenants, and visitors. Make sure you alert them early and provide designated signs so cars and pedestrians don’t accidentally walk over road markings and wet parking lines.

3. Sweep Away Debris and Dirt Parking lots are known to be filled with gravel, dirt, rocks, and trash. Make sure everything is scrubbed off to ensure clean, straight lines.

4. Turn off Sprinkler System Before the striping occurs, your parking lot must be completely dry. If you have a sprinkler system on your commercial or residential property, make sure you turn it off 24 hours before your parking lot is striped as it can affect the paint when it dries.

Asphalt Paving San Mateo provides paved asphalt striping solutions for all commercial and residential parking lots. Installed with the minimal hassle that caters to any budget — designed to last with our industrial-grade machinery, paint solution and finishing, and many years of professional contractors.

We Offer Asphalt Striping Installations in Bay Area


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