Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt Resurfacing

Looking For Asphalt Resurfacing Service in San Mateo, Bay Area?

Asphalt Resurfacing is when the top layer of asphalt is removed and replaced with a new layer, providing it another 12 years to your asphalt driveway or parking lot. It is the best cost-effective way to provide a new asphalt look if the existing foundation of the pavement isn’t damaged.

Benefits of Asphalt Resurfacing


Potholes and cracks that form on your driveway and parking lots can lead to people getting injured or damages towards vehicles. Resurfacing your driveway prevents future problems that may lead to a whole asphalt replacement.

As children use the driveway for recreational activities, potholes, bumps, and cracks pose a safety issue of them tripping and getting injured. Activities including running from your driveway to the bus stop, learning how to ride a bike, or playing basketball.

Overall Appearance

Vibrant and well-designed parking systems are the first thing customers see, providing an attractive overall impression of your property, setting your business apart from your competitors.

They make it easier for visitors and employees to see, make your parking lot a safer driving environment. It also improves the value of your house, especially important when you are planning to sell your building and your house.

Prevent Over-Maintenance

Patching and providing seal coating on cracks and potholes is an effective way to maintain your driveway. When these are applied too often, it affects the structural integrity of the driveway or a parking lot that affects the foundation of the pavement. Asphalt Resurfacing provides a new
a layer of asphalt that molds with the existing structure, providing a strong surface to resist extreme weather conditions and vehicle use.

How to Prepare for Asphalt Resurfacing

1. Inspect For Damage

Before starting Asphalt Resurfacing, look for cracks and potholes. If there are larger than a quarter-inch or deeper than a few inches, Asphalt Replacement will be a better alternative, as the foundation may be damaged.

2. Sweep Away Debris and Dirt

Driveways and Parking lots are known to be filled with gravel, dirt, rocks, weeds, and trash. Loose debris in cracks can be cleaned through using a broom or leaf blower. Use a cleaning solution to scrub the remaining dirt and rinse it off with a pressure washer. Allowing it to dry up to 24 hours.

3. Repair

Minor cracks and divots can be filled and smoothed through sealant or asphalt mix and tampered to be flattened out.

4. Resurface

Asphalt mix or milled asphalt is applied on the pavement, spread through a coater brush. Moving in a continuous back and forth pattern, ensuring it covers the whole pavement evenly.

Asphalt Paving San Mateo provides paved asphalt resurfacing solutions for all commercial and residential pavements. Installed with the minimal hassle that caters to any budget — designed to last with our industrial-grade machinery and many years of professional contractors.

Have all your asphalt resurfacing needs met, through Asphalt Paving San Mateo County today.

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