Asphalt Paving: The Benefits of Commercial Asphalt Installation


Asphalt Stripping

The durability and resilience of asphalt paving are well recognized, and it is the ideal choice for almost all paved surfaces because of its sturdiness. For its dependability and longevity, most states and agencies choose asphalt pavement. It will last for 20 to 25 years if correctly installed. Asphalt pavement is also the most common option for driveways, parking lots, roads, airstrips, and other uses, and it is found almost everywhere.

Asphalt pavement is, without a doubt, the finest option for these applications if you want a long-lasting, reusable surface. We’re about to welcome the summer season when outdoor areas are busier than ever. Is your California home in desperate need of a makeover? There is still time to consider improvements if you have not already done so.

What occurs in the company’s outdoor area is equally as essential as what happens inside, if not more so. Since the hallway is the first thing that visitors and customers see, you’ll want to make sure it’s in good condition to make a good first impression. You need a professional team of commercial paving contractors in San Mateo who have the experience and expertise helping company owners just like you in transforming their commercial spaces with the benefits of asphalt paving.

Types of Commercial Paving Options

Asphalt and concrete are the two most common commercial paving choices for parking lots and other similar applications. These impermeable pavement materials have long been the standards and remain so because they are functional and work efficiently. This kind of pavement has been in the market for many years with many advantages if done appropriately.


Concrete is a common choice for paving commercial driveways and parking lots. Concrete performs well in extreme heat. It’s also a low-maintenance option. It simply needs an annual cleaning and cracks sealing, and another advantage of concrete pavement is that it has a wider range of colors and textures to choose from.

Because concrete is impervious to water, local municipal regulations may demand drainage or retention capacity, or both. By constructing a detention pond, the quantity of land available for usage is reduced, as is the amount of parking for the company or institution.

Concrete has several disadvantages. It’s awful in the winter, cracking and breaking all the time as it goes through a freeze-thaw cycle. It is more difficult to install than asphalt, taking almost twice as long. It needs drainage systems to avoid flooding during major rain events . Concrete is also a non-ideal choice for most commercial companies because of these factors.


Roads play an essential role in today’s society, allowing people, commodities, and services to move around freely. They have contributed significantly to San Mateo’s success and continue to drive socio-economic development.

Asphalt pavement provides several advantages, including cost savings, noise reduction, and convenience to name a few. Asphalt materials can enhance road users and the environment when used in road construction and maintenance and most especially pin a commercial facility.

Asphalt’s benefits simply add up to an increased overall value. Asphalt is a reliable, durable, and long-lasting medium. It is possible to build it in such a way that it will endure longer. It is easy to install and preserve, and asphalt professionals understand how to “get in and out” of the process. Asphalt is an environmentally friendly pavement because it can be reused and recycled up to 100 %.

It is also the only sustainable paving option due to its flexibility and emerging design.

Benefits of Commercial Asphalt Paving

Asphalt benefits both customers and the environment in a variety of ways. Some of the most common advantages of utilizing asphalt pavement are listed below.

Commercial Asphalt Paving is Multi-Use

Parking lots and roadways come to mind when you think about asphalt. Commercial asphalt pavement is used for a lot more than these. Asphalt is a versatile material that may be used for many outdoor projects. What exactly do you need to pave? Is this a driveway? It may be a sports center with basketball and tennis courts.

If you need to renovate various sections of your commercial property, discuss with your contractors about their asphalt paving near me services since Every project requires a unique execution strategy.

Asphalt Saves You Money – When Properly Installed
An investment in asphalt is a wise decision. Whether you’re repairing a broken piece of road or resurfacing and laying new pavement from the ground up, properly installed asphalt can last a long time.

For a long-term asphalt investment, adequate drainage and sub-base installation are essential. Prior to laying the asphalt, your asphalt expert will inspect the compression and gradation of the surface on which the asphalt would be placed to check for any weak areas. It can last longer on your business property or roadway with the help of a qualified asphalt paving companies near me , which can also reduce the need for routine maintenance.

Asphalt Offers Low Maintenance Costs to Extend Lifespan
Maintaining your asphalt investment to look at its finest is the key to saving money. To avoid additional costly maintenance, set up a quality control system with your asphalt contractor in San Mateo. Your asphalt expert can examine for problems and repair before things worsen and cost your company or community time and money that could have been saved.

Asphalt is the most used paving material for parking lots and highways. While concrete is also often used in roads, drive-throughs, and other applications, asphalt is a far more versatile material with many more advantages. When correctly placed, asphalt may flex and bend with the earth’s movement and the weight of vehicles and trucks, resulting in less fractures and damage. Cracks may form as a result of freezing, water, plant growth, and other factors, but the structure of asphalt makes minor annoyances easier to repair.

Asphalt is 100% Recyclable
Asphalt is the most recyclable material in California. When asphalt, concrete, and asphalt shingles are removed from work sites, they can all be recycled 100 %. When it comes to asphalt, recycling is not only beneficial for the environment, but it is also a safer product. Recycled asphalt is firmer, lasts longer, and resists ruts better than fresh asphalt.

Quick Installation to Save You Time
The process of installing asphalt is easy. Your asphalt specialist will evaluate your requirements to decide the kind of asphalt paving method needed for your project, considering the amount of anticipated traffic, the setting in which the asphalt will be placed, and other factors.

Your paving project can be finished quickly on a sunny, clear day with little disruption to your customers, clients, and/or vehicles. On roadways, optimizing traffic flow while doing maintenance is critical, and your paving expert will manage traffic to minimize delays on major routes.

Improves Drainage Systems
As previously stated, effective drainage is essential for a long-term asphalt investment. When your paving contractor evaluates your property for asphalt construction, they might give suggestions to improve drainage so that it is correctly leveled, graded, and paved to the highest quality.

Proper drainage means less puddles and standing water, which can be annoying to drivers and reduce the efficiency of your pavement. Standing water may erode and weaken the asphalt surface, resulting in cracks, alligatoring, and even holes. Unwanted water can be easily drained into stormwater drainage basins or rain gardens with the expertise of asphalt professionals.

Asphalt Paving is Safe

Asphalt helps to keep your property secure in a variety of ways. Asphalt’s water-management properties aid in skid resistance, and the deep color aids with the melting of snow and ice, making your surface safer for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Deliver a High-Quality First Impression
The entrance, as previously mentioned, is the first thing visitors or passers-by see as they arrive or walk by. Is your current setting boring and in desperate need of an update? Do not let this result in a loss of revenue. Bring your existing paving project to the next level using asphalt, which, when installed properly, provides a high-quality polished look. Consider that if you’re going to invest in the effort, time, and money, you’ll want to make sure the project is well-planned and completed.

Final Thoughts

An asphalt driveway or roadway installed by a professional asphalt contractor can typically last 15 to 20 years; but, if you conduct regular preventive maintenance on your surface, that projected lifetime can be extended. Asphalt, It’s something you see every day. It’s everywhere: on the streets, in parking lots, and even in your own house. Asphalt, as common as it may seem, offers many advantages for commercial properties and localities that will save your company or agency time and resources.

Are you looking for commercial asphalt paving? Asphalt Paving San Mateo has years of expertise in asphalt paving in commercial and residential settings as one of California’s top paving industry experts. We have the necessary skills and expertise, and cutting-edge tools to get the job done on budget and schedule.

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